November 4, 2015

halloween 2015

Welp, I guess I should blog about Halloween now that it's November 4th... With William's birthday that morning and everything going on at school and work, our Halloween was a little casual. After we cleaned up from the party I made chili, cornbread and pumpkin smoothies for dinner and David carved a pumpkin that he was really proud of.
I've made some pretty great costumes in the past, if I do say so myself (2014. 2013, 2012, 2011), but this year I was only able to do William's costume. Fritz was really happy to reuse the tiger costume from a couple of years ago and I bought this adorable owl costume at Goodwill for $5 for Louisa. It was a really good idea on my part to make the other costumes easy because William's ghost buster costume almost killed me. Do you know how hard it is to find a khaki kids jumpsuit? Really hard. File that one away for later...
I ended up buying a trench coat from Goodwill for a few dollars and making pants with the bottom, sewing some ghost buster logo patches, that I drew and colored in, onto the sleeves, and making a pack out of a backpack, a box, random things around the house and black spray paint. I'm just glad he liked it! I know it looks like he's mad in these pictures but this is his "I'm serious about ghost busting!" face. In between shots, he was smiling but as soon as it was picture time - he was all business! Haha! Also, maybe he accidentally clocked one or two people in the face with that wrapping paper tube gun while reaching for candy at the door. Sorry neighbors!


  1. Can you please post your pumpkin smoothie recipe?

  2. Yes, please share your pumpkin smoothie recipe :)


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