October 17, 2013

early halloween

Last night was our ward's Fall Festival (or "Trunk or Treat"). There were games (in which Will won a stuffed doggie), a cupcake walk, more than a dozen types of homemade chili (I'll share my recipe soon), friendly conversation and this really awesome mystery guy dancing to Thriller (in all the wrong dance moves). And, of course, candy from the trunk or treating. Fritz was cracking me up with his wide-eyed "what is this amazing new thing we are doing where we walk around to everyone's car and they give me candy?!" face. He was deliriously happy. Will told me on the way home that it was "the best night of my life" and he kept saying "thank you so much Mommy" and "that was so fun". I just smiled and smiled - I don't mind taking some credit. My chili was pretty delicious...

this is his "GRRRR" face - not much expression.
Both boys wore these tiger costumes that they got from David's mom last week when we were visiting. She made them when her kids were little and they think they look really great in them. I watched a YouTube video on face painting and thought, "Well, that doesn't look too hard". Fritz watched the video about 20 times all day and was obsessed with it. Then I tried to copy the tutorial and... William's doesn't look too bad but Fritz was much harder. The whole time he was crying and pushing my hands away and I kept thinking, "Why am I doing this?" but then he looked in the mirror afterward and was so pleased with the way he looked. I think he finally understood the link and he loved the whole night.
this is his "SMILE" face - again, expressionless. 
couldn't you just die?
this year I'm keeping it casual with this bone headband.


  1. Oh. My. Word. Dying!! So darling. All of you!

  2. So glad you included the mystery guy dancing the "Thriller" haha best ever! Your boys looked so cute!

  3. Your little tigers were adorable! How did you get them to hold still for the cute face painting? And...who the heck was the mystery entertainer anyways?!?!? :)

  4. Your little tigers were adorable! How did you get them to hold still to paint their cute faces? And even more impressive...how did you get them to not smear it off? You should have done the face painting booth! (And...who the HECK was the "mystery" entertainer anyway?!?!?) Fun times :)

  5. How cute, both little tigers!
    ... and Frits on his bare feet - LOVE it!


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