August 21, 2017

glorious british columbia

David and I took a trip to British Columbia again in June. We had so much fun last year that we decided this is going to be an annual thing, as long as we can get someone to keep watching our kids while we escape! Last year, we spent the first half at Nairn Falls and then went to Whistler. Since we fell in love with the Nairn Falls campground, we decided to stay there for two more days and then spent one night in Squamish.

The Sea to Sky Highway is stunning. It is truly breathtaking. We spent the whole time on this trip being really outdoorsy, which I'm not really very good at. Luckily, David is a true outdoorsman and he pushes me to try new things and is patient with me when I'm slow or overly cautious. We first walked up to Brandywine Falls which had a gorgeous lookout point. It was a great start to our trip!
From there, we headed over to our campground and set up camp. The Nairn Falls campground is really great. Canada does a lot of things right! It's clean and just beautiful. We lucked out again and got one of the few, epic sites right on the river. It is a sight to behold when you wake up to that river!
The next morning, we spent the day hiking Joffre Lakes. Getting to the upper lake was a pretty tough hike IMO, but boy was it worth it! Beyond that, we kept hiking until we got to the glacier. It was so peaceful and serene. Lots of waterfalls and beautiful spots to relax and enjoy nature.
While we were hiking to the glacier, David had been considering swimming in the lake. When we got there and we observed that most of the lake was still covered in ice, he had a change of heart - thankfully. He does love a good Polar Plunge though!
The next day, we drove over to Squamish to check into our tiny house Air BNB. It was very cute but I certainly couldn't do it long term (and poor David is 6'4" so he was definitely cramped). It was a fun experience though! The owners had a tiny private island along the Howe Sound. They had paddle boards, kayaks and lots of wildlife and sea creatures to observe from the water.
From there, we went to the Sea to Sky Gondola, which you should definitely do if you're ever in the Whistler area. The suspension bridge almost gave me (and many other people) a heart attack but it was so amazing!

 And this was the view from the top - I mean, seriously!!! We loved hiking around the top of the gondola on the many different trails that all had a view of THIS.
Also, if you're ever in Squamish, BC definitely hit up Fergie's Cafe. Not only is it incredibly charming, but they have sustainable business practices it's just delightful. We enjoyed eating our Smoke Salmon Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Capers while sitting under a massive tire-swing-yielding tree next to a beautiful garden.
One last waterfall hike at Shannon Falls before we headed home. It was so wonderful to spend several days with David alone in beautiful British Columbia. We love living so close to Canada! Special thanks to my in-laws who held down the fort at home and took great care of our kiddos! We couldn't have done it without you.

May 25, 2017

a short vacation

We were able to use David's company's resort room on the Yakima River last month to kick off Spring Break. It was a really nice short vacation for our family. I can imagine that in the summer, this place is really pretty. We would love to go back some time during the summer when we can use the pool, go hiking and really enjoy all the outdoor activities.

While we wait for the weather to warm up full-time (we're almost there!), the kids loved throwing rocks in the rushing river and playing horse shoes. I caught some great photos of Lulu that I will cherish forever. I love her face. Aso, this girl looooooves throwing rocks in water.
And... POSE!

William picked up this hula hoop and I died laughing when I looked back at the pictures later. The sequence is just too perfect. Haha! They still make me laugh. He's such a tall boy. At 7 years old, he already comes up to my chin - and I'm 5'7"! Wilbur, I order you to stop growing!

And yes, Fritz was also there but he was upset about something and wouldn't be in any pictures while I had my camera out. It was still a great time had by all! 

May 23, 2017

easter pics // perspective shift

While editing these pictures, I remembered how frustrated I was that my kids weren't sitting still for these pictures of them in their Easter outfits. They were making funny faces at each other, and making Lulu laugh really hard. Looking back, I can't believe I was bothered that I got these shots instead of something posed. This is how they are with each other. They fight. They tease. And they also love each other and are friends. I couldn't want anything more for them. So I'm thrilled that I captured what life is like for our family of five in 2017. These are the good ol' days. They're going by so fast.

May 22, 2017

easter 2017

We actually had pretty weather for Easter, which was SOOOO nice to have after months and months of dreariness. Our neighborhood had a community Easter egg hunt, which was a hit. I love it because it's really casual and non-stressful and, while it's well attended, it's not chaotic. It was nearly impossible to get Fritz and Louisa to look at me for a picture though. This was me as they rummaged through their loot, "Candy!! I have candy! Look at Mommy! Fritz! Lulu! I have candy! Look at me!" Nada.
We also dyed some eggs using different teas (like Blueberry Rooibos, English Black, Green, Ginger Pear and Peppermint). I also used turmeric for one of them. It was fun and aromatic and I'm totally doing it again! Didn't they turn out so pretty?
Then, David hid the eggs in our backyard, which was kind of hard since we are in the middle of some serious overhaul in the backyard of tree trimmings disposal. It made for some creative hideout spots though!
And, I made a delicious dinner, of which I forgot to take a picture. However, here's the table. I will tell you, this year I used lacinato kale in my gratin and it was delicious!
I have a dozen or so pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits but I'll post them in a separate post. Here's a taster though. Heart eyes.