October 31, 2014

spooky costumes 2014

I really enjoy coordinating Halloween costumes (like our circus costumes a couple of years ago or our Harry Potter costumes from when William was a baby) but this year, I was just too tired and didn't have the desire to do much. So, when William said he wanted to be a ghost this year, I wanted to give him the highest of fives. I cut up an old sheet and filled in the eye holes with some black nylons. Boom. Done. Then I had this adorable sheep costume that I bought for $6 at Last Chance when I was pregnant with Louisa. It is so cute I can hardly stand it.
I asked Fritz what he wanted to be and he insisted on a cowboy. I should've guessed, knowing his obsession with boots. I borrowed these cute cowboy boots from his cousin and then put all the rest of the costume together from our costume basket and some scrap leather fabric I had in my stash. It took a total of 30 minutes to put together all their costumes and the boys are very happy, so it's a Halloween win!

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