November 1, 2013

halloween 2013

Halloween with little kids is one part fun and one part... not so fun. Mostly just the "getting them to bed after all that sugar" part isn't that great, but the rest of it is very fun. William picked out this knight costume about a month ago and I couldn't have been happier. He had been asking to be Bolt (and for Fritz to be the hampster) and while that was cute, I couldn't see how I could make that work! I was relieved when he changed his mind. Fritz was the cutest little dragon (thanks to my friend, Erin, who saved the day)! He is talking so much lately but David and I are the only ones who can understand him so we made sure he signed "thank you" and it was incredibly sweet. I love him.
After we went down our street, we came home and put Fritz to bed (who was having an epic meltdown because he couldn't get his Twix wrapper open fast enough). David bought some Bosa donuts and I heated up some spiced cider from Trader Joe's and then we settled down in our pajamas to watch Ichabod Crane with William. I'd say it was a pretty successful Halloween this year. I love my family!


  1. So you dressed up as a babe for Halloween? I'm impressed with the fine craftsmenship of William's costume--looks legit! Love Fritzee's wings and tail!!! Oh and Indy was attempting to eat candy through wrappers too :) Patient much?

    1. I love you. Thanks for boosting my self-esteem this November 1st after eating too much sugar last night.


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