November 6, 2015

swedish christmas bazaar

So, I have a not-so-secret desire to move to Sweden and as I was recently talking to my friend, Senja, about my love for all things Sweden, she mentioned that Seattle has a Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar at the Swedish Club downtown. It was last weekend and I dragged my friend, Lindsay, along with me (because she's from Swedish descent and always up for a good time). We started chatting with some women in traditional Swedish garb and they invited us to join the Swedish Choir, which I actually think sounds really fun. They only sing in Swedish and it would be so fun to sing music that's traditional to my ancestry (even though I'm technically Danish with a Swedish spelling).
The bazaar was fun and packed with people! I was so tempted to buy a bunch of these pretty vintage handwoven textiles. I went with the intent to buy a red dala horse but forgot cash and chickened out at the price of a really beautiful one I saw. They had tons of food (they do a weekly pancake breakfast for the members and they looked delightful) but I bought some pea soup with hardtack and cheese + a slice of cardamom coffee bread from the table of about 8 Swedish-speaking grandmas. I was a little put off by the crock pot of the soup but it was actually really delicious! I would love to have a recipe for it.
The view from the Swedish Club is beautiful! It was a very rainy, Seattle day and just lovely! Lindsay and I were purely giddy over this smiley woman playing the accordion. Did you know that learning to play the accordion is on my bucket list? Well, now you know.


  1. Scandinavia and Sweden in general have a more-than-just-genetics hold on me also. My dala horse collection started when I was four. I've taken Swedish and have a Swedish keyboard on my iPhone. Given the right set of circumstances, I would move to Sweden (or Norway, since my husband is half Norwegian, or Denmark) in a heartbeat.


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