July 31, 2012

free as a bird (a naked bird)

On a particularly "warm" evening a few weeks ago, we stripped William down to nothingness after eating watermelon and let him roam around in the backyard. David filled up the watering can over and over again and gave it to Will so he could water the roses and other plants for me. I was cracking up watching his skinny, little body prance around on the grass. David would squirt him with the hose whenever he ventured near to fill up the can and scream and laugh hysterically. It made me smile so wide and I thought, "This is a perfect summer memory that I'll think back on when my children are older." I love being a mother to my boys.
And yes, I do feed him. In case you were wondering.


  1. i love that in that last one it looks like he is reading the paper.

  2. Haha! Little boys are so much fun. I'm excited to see how silly and quirky ours will be as they grow older!

  3. Boys love being "free"! :) (Actually all three of my kids love being "free"). Such cute pictures! I love the sound of kids laughter...especially my own kids!


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