August 6, 2012

bluewater days: part one

Bluewater Days 2012 was epic as usual. I seriously love my family. I sometimes wish we could all live there together and live off the garden bounty but then I would miss Target too much and have to move back to civilization. Best moments of the reunion this year include:
my little Jim Craig.
- Singing along to John Denver on the front porch swing with my family while watching a thunder storm.
- Smelling the delightful scent of desert rain - there's nothing like it.
- Quading to Dairy Queen on a "triple date" with my brothers and their wives for treats and fireworks.
- William playing cowboy (several times) in a bandanna, cowboy hat and . . . fireman boots. He wouldn't wear the adorable leather cowboy boots unfortunately.
- Big family meals.
- Watching my nieces and nephews do hilarious talent show entertainment.
- Country dancing in "the old house".
- Snuggling with my sweet William.
- Horseback riding (it's been years since I've played cowgirl!)
- Spending time (and eating cold cereal) with cousins rarely seen.
- Our campfire was rained out so we sat around in the living room and sang out of the Nielson Heritage Ranch Songbook and my dad talked about our family heritage. 
Until next year, dear Bluewater.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! What a great summer you've been having!

  2. What a fun family reunion! There are so many people eating in that kitchen. So awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast! This is my dream to have for my family someday. So cool.


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