July 30, 2012

beaching it

We spent last week going to and fro for David's family reunion at the beach. It's nice to live in San Diego but not so nice to have to drive to the beach every day where they were staying. Maybe someday we'll live in a beach house. Wouldn't that be so grand? No matter. We still had a good time even with the "commute". Ha!

Fritz took a summer nap under a shady canopy on a sun-warmed towel as the sound of ocean waves swept over his swaddled body. It's a rough life, boy.
I ate the world's most amazing warm, gooey, oatmeal peanut butter dark chocolate chip cookie and never wanted to diet again because just thinking about not eating these every day for the rest of my life made me weep. Just kidding. But seriously, they were crazy good. I will try out the recipe and post about it when the results are in.
David and I took a bike ride to Taco Surf for breakfast burritos on Saturday morning. I fell in love with him all over again as he strapped Fritz into the baby carrier and hopped on his sister's pink Schwinn. He looked so incredibly attractive and manly to me (even in all that pink). Isn't it true that men with babies is like the most appealing thing ever?
And me? I stayed covered up with Fritz under an umbrella, hat and nursing cover and watched the waves. I love my babies but I have to say that I am looking forward to the day that they can play by themselves at the beach (or at least with other kids) so I can read a book or lay in the sun for more than two minutes. Still, can one really complain about a day spent at the beach?


  1. I love your baby with bebe photo - adorably. Are you wearing a Dria nursing cover in the bottom photo? If so... do you like it?

    1. Yes! I love it! Such an ingenious idea. It was really pricey for something I totally could've made myself (literally a yard of jersey fabric with the ends serged and a hole cut in the middle) but I ended up buying it because a) I don't have a serger b) the fabric is really nice (super soft, breathable and the perfect stretch) and c) I knew it would be one of those "I can make this but I never will" projects so I just bought it. And I also had a 15% off coupon!! Woot!

  2. Looks like fun! You both look really good, Liz! Looks like you and Dave have both lost weight. I need to be as hard core as you and start eating healthy like you. You definitely deserved that chocolate chip cookie!


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