January 13, 2012

a story of finding no one

When I was a little girl baby my mom had a cassette tape of children's songs that I loved to listen to. The only song I distinctly remember on that tape was called "No One Like You" sung by John Denver. Now, you all remember my aforementioned love for JD (if you've been reading a long time), right? I've had this song in the back of my mind for years. I've sworn to sing it to my children but I could not find the music, lyrics, audio or video anywhere (and I looked hard)!

For my birthday this year my mom bought me this Children's Songbook. It's an updated version of the one that my mom and sisters would play on the piano for me as a child so it was a great gift to receive! One day as I was looking through the book I saw it! The piano music to "No One Like You"! The small excerpt above the song confirmed that this was it.

"In 1983, John Denver joined the Muppets in a TV special called 'Rocky Mountain Holiday'. Many of the songs had themes that related to being outdoors. One of the exceptions was this lovely lullaby that Denver sang to Kermit's nephew, a small frog named Robin. There is no one exactly like Robin, or like any of the other Muppets, for that matter. And there's no one exactly like you!"

I squealed with delight when I realized that this was the song that had so much sentimental value to me! With William by my side on the piano bench and his sticky fingers lightly pressing on the top keys, I played and sang the song. I got a little emotional as I thought about my childhood and my sweet mother. Then I looked it up on YouTube one more time and found this video from the movie. After all these years, I hadn't realized it was from a movie! So, here it is. Good ol' John Denver singing with his beautiful syrupy voice to a small, green puppet and stroking him in a sleeping bag. How sweet.


  1. That is adorable! And how blessed you are that you can pass that on to your child(ren) :D

  2. That's a sweet song! It will definitely be added to my Mom Repertoire!

  3. so as I was loading your blog post, I was also simultaneously starting a JD playlist. had to mention that because I thought it was a fun coincidence! I am a huge John Denver fan...it seems like he was the only singer we listened to growing up! Now I laugh when my tiny kids are going around singing his songs word-perfect because that's all I listen to.

  4. What a beautiful lullaby! I've used our "Children's Songbook" for years but had never played through that song...now it will be a regular! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!!

  5. Oh my, that brought tears to my eyes! I love JD too & grew up listening to him (JD & the Muppets Christmas Album is a December staple in our house). I've never heard this song & I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just found your blog...I love JD too. I grew up in a very musical family so we'd sign JD and Anne Murray just on a whim.

    I thought we were the only weird family left. Glad to know we're not alone!




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