January 12, 2012

growing up: 26 months

I haven't done a "growing up" update in a while and this boy has been cracking me up lately with great gems that I don't want to forget. I love my sweet William.
falling asleep in a Costco cart after playing in his crib for 2 hours at "nap time".
At this point:
- when he wakes up in the morning he yells, "Coming! Ready or not!" (really loud) and it makes me laugh every time. It's a great way to start my day (even when I'm not ready).

- he loves trains . . . a lot. If there are trains in the room, he will find them and then not let anyone else near them. We're trying to work on that. :)

- he is finally singing! I was so worried that he was not going to be a singer. I know there are worse things in life but music is a huge part of mine and I really want my kids to be musical. He loves singing his ABCs which always turns into "Twinkle Twinkle" at the end. He also loves singing "Choo Choo Choo". Big surprise. He's still pretty shy about it and if I make a big deal about him singing, he'll usually stop. Kind of like his dad in that way.

- his favorite food continues to be cottage cheese though he's generally not picky. He'll eat most everything I cook - thank goodness.

- he's weaning himself off the (sippy cup) milk except for maybe one cup a day. Pretty good around these parts.

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  1. jackson's obsessed with cars. it became such a problem, he would leave nursery on sunday SCREAMING because he couldnt leave behind the cars. we eventually took away all cars because he was becoming such a meanie when cars were around. im not saying thats what you need to do about the trains - its just what had to be done here ;o) hes pretty freakin intense, my kid.


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