June 2, 2011

sleep deprived fun

My awesome friend/cousin, Erin, has been here for a fun visit and we've had a pretty crazy week. William and Parker are only a few months apart and then Erin has a sweet, little newborn. They've taken turns crying for the last few days and it's been really tiring. If one of them wasn't crying, another one was and the cycle continued. The poor children have been having a rough time getting acclimated to sharing toys, dealing with messed up sleep schedules in a new place and teething, thrush and fevers. Bedtime has been our saving grace (except when the boys have woken up at unholy hours) and Erin and I have laughed ourselves silly at the ridiculousness of our situation.
the fighting over toys begins!
We tried going to the mall and ended up leaving before we even hit two stores. The next day we had a rushed lunch at Tender Greens and I laughed to myself as I looked around the restaurant and could totally tell who the parents were and who weren't. The sympathetic glances and sweet comments about our "cute kids" were obviously from understanding mothers and then there were more than a few, "Get your kids under control or don't have any at all" dirty looks. Even though it's hard sometimes, it's pretty funny to look back at those moments and try to see yourself from an objective point of view. We must look so pathetic and I can't help but laugh at the sight I must often be out in public.
Right now all is quiet on the Western front and even though a few things have been hard about this week it has been super fun to spend time with Erin. She's such a good friend and so fun to have around. I wish she lived here! David has been sweet and helpful and baby-sat the kids one night after a long day at work so Erin and I could see a girl movie and get frozen yogurt (devil's food cupcake batter, I love you). Then last night Erin and I laughed ourselves silly while we watched The Bachelorette and ate Mariposa homemade ice cream cones, again courtesy of David. And of course, I've been in love with snuggling baby Hudson and feeling really baby hungry. Life is different with kids and while it would be fun to have a girls trip without children I know Erin agrees with me that being a mother is completely fulfilling.
showing Erin the amazingness of the Moby wrap
Tomorrow Erin and I are embarking on a road trip back to Arizona, where I'll be finally seeing this family. I can't wait - it's been too long! Wish us luck as we cross the desert with three babies in the backseat!


  1. So fun! Glad you girls having fun, now it's time to bring my sister home to Arizona. The boys look adorable together. I love the pic of you and Hudson!!!!

  2. What great memories ~ cute boys. Enjoy your time with Nie & Christian and kids :)

  3. I never had a chance to comment on this post. This made me laugh (almost cry) so hard because you couldn't have described our week more perfectly! What a crazy, tiring, fun time! Thanks for putting up with us for the whole week! The girl talk, ice cream, movies, and giggles made it all worth it! I sure love you! ;)


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