June 6, 2011

the nielson sunday dinner

I'm in Arizona and it is hot, hot, hot. Like so hot that I'm thinking, "Why am I here?" but then it was Sunday dinner and I remembered that I love my family. It is excessively loud with the children running around dressed in my old Prom dresses from GrandMary's dress-up box. I had to triple the dinner roll recipe (and there still weren't enough) and my dad and I sat squished at the end of the table where sixteen adults bumped elbows. Then we all sat around and talked until 9:30 and I thought that I love my family even though we're really loud and often talk over each other and eat too many dinner rolls.
Here's what post-Sunday dinner at my parent's house looks like. Three of my sisters sitting at the kitchen table and talking. A few couples sit, holding hands, on the sofa. Children running around and playing tag or making up an elaborate story-game. Of course, my mother is doing dishes, starting a load of napkin laundry or loading one of the two dishwashers in the kitchen until one of us remembers to get up and help! And inevitably the back door is open with children running in and out and the air conditioning at full blast so someone yells, "Shut the door!" It's crazy and I love it.

Do you have fun family traditions like this?


  1. Our family table is JUSt like that! I love love love it when we all get together! At first iyt is a jolt of craziness then I smile..I love my big family!

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  2. That is how it is when my side of the family gathers. We live all over the country so I miss it. When my husband and I were dating he made a comment after his first family dinner when I asked him how he enjoyed it he said, "there are more conversations going on in the room then there are people" I guess our family has a knack for holding multiple conversations.
    (P.S. Love your blog)

  3. I thought you were just posting about my family dinners, then I noticed the pics weren't of my family :) hee, hee! Got to love family, crazy and all!!


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