May 31, 2011

house tour: living room (part 2)

I'm finished with our living room for now. I still want to recover my chair but I still haven't found something I like so if I find something awesome, I'll post my adventures.
- I put the slipcovers on the new sectional (love it).
- Finally fixed the sideboard mishap.
- You saw I styled the bookcase.
- I reupholstered the small wood chair.
- Put up new curtains (I decided that they don't need liner so they're done).

Done and done. And here's the other part of our living room - the piano. I love all the light in this room and I also love how the piano is accessible. I play it almost every day (and in case you're wondering I usually play out of The Big Yellow Songbook for William - sorry I don't have a link to share).


  1. I love your living room! It's so cherry. And I LOVE that rug - where did you get it??

    My living room is about done...just deciding on flooring and if my latest option will work!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. I love your style. Where did you get your couch?

  3. It's gorgeous! I think you have a style that just about everyone would love.

    (I also love the rug. That would look awesome in my entryway!)


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