April 14, 2011

healthy baby, happy mama

William and I have had the sickness. And basically, sick babies are the saddest thing on the planet. The first day I noticed he was feeling sick we were at the grocery store and his lids were getting very heavy (even though he was hours away from naptime). He deeply cried and groaned this mournful sob of, "Mommmmmy . . ." as I rushed around the store saying, "It's okay baby. Just one more thing." Of course, then he fell asleep in the shopping cart, sitting up, with a cracker in hand. We spent the next two days on the couch with grapes, a pillow nest and Peter Pan. I love the cuddling but I could do without the fever and glassy eyes. My poor baby.


  1. Poor baby! We just felt with that a couple of weeks ago! Its fun to cuddle but sad to see them so miserable! Hope he gets better real soon! Give him a kiss for me!

  2. Ahhhh ~ adorable pic ~ even tho he's not feeling well.

    Cute chair too (in post before this one).

  3. I meant to say dealt with that... not felt with that. :)


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