April 13, 2011

the five dollar chair switch

I bought this chair at Goodwill for a whopping $10. It has a great shape with beautiful details and is in good condition. However, the fabric (though not a horrible color or pattern) was stained with puzzling substances of which I have no desire to know the origin.
So, I bought a remnant piece of coral-red, linen fabric for $1.99 and stapled it on.
If I find a fun pattern for as cheap I might switch it up again, which is what's so great about a 15 minute project for under $5 but for now, it's looks really great with the rest of the room. I'll post more pictures of those changes later.


  1. Looks cute! Don't you love being sick and staying home to do projects!

  2. Awesome job. I love your blog.


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