April 14, 2011

sweet pea benefit boutique

When David and I were at BYU-I he had a friend named Devanie. She was bubbly and fun and I was a little bit intimidated by her because she and David had so much fun together. They had secret jokes that I didn't get and even a little "language" thing they did when they were around each other. Even though I wanted to not like her, I couldn't help myself. She was just too fun to be around and extremely sweet.

Years later we are married and David and I have been blessed with our sweet William. I found out that Devanie and her husband, Sam, have had struggles with infertility. As I read her story I realized what a tragedy it would be for this amazing woman to not have children so that's where the Sweet Pea Benefit Boutique comes in. There's only a few hours left to bid on really great items (seriously, this is NOT junky stuff!) Bid on the items and the proceeds go toward fertility treatments for Devanie and her friend, Brooke. You can donate as well, which would be equally awesome.
I just bid on the anaPad (made by my awesome friends at Twig Creative). I hope I win!


  1. Liz- I adore you! Thanks for your support, for making me laugh and for liking me ;) because I really think you're swell too! And I think David AND little William are the absolute luckiest guys around!

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that it was for Devanie! I didn't recognize here. Thanks so much for the shout out, for bidding for a good cause, and for letting me in on who we were doing this for!!!


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