November 2, 2010

growing up: 12 months

At 9:45 a.m. today my sweet baby William will be one year old. How did I ever live without him? I remember dreaming about the day that I would be a mother. I dreamt of bedtime stories, snuggled up on the couch and kissing just-washed hair. I dreamt of being "the only one" my babies wanted to kiss their owies. I dreamt of loving those babies forever and ever. But, not until 9:45 a.m. on November 2, 2009 did I feel all those dreams rush from imagination to reality. It was this overwhelming surge over my body - like I was battery-powered but someone had finally flipped the "on" switch. My life was incomplete until the moment when I kissed two perfect hands, kissed two perfect feet and kissed two perfect cheeks. I love him so!
first sight.
At this point he:
- is walking. A lot. And is quite good at it for being a beginner.
- says a few new words: "yum", "moo", "bbbbbb" (when he pushes his cars) and is learning some sign language.
- is fully weaned. I miss breastfeeding a lot and I think he does too sometimes but he needed to be weaned before our trip to NYC and this is how it worked out.
- has learned to quietly say "ahhhhhhh" while driving on the freeway because it makes a funny noise with all the shaking (our car might need a tune-up). It's pretty hilarious and we love it.
little lion - halloween 2010


  1. Ok, so I have seen a lot of cute kids dressed up in halloween costumes. But this is DEFIINTELY the CUTEST!!! He is soo adorable!

    Love the photo of you and him as well. It's amazing how quickly they grow up! *tear*

    I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday William! Liz, I found your blog through Nie's and I have been a loyal reader long before William was born. I know you already know this but your baby boy is one of the cutest boys I have ever seen and I have 2 of my own! His brown eye just melt my heart. Your photography captures his cuteness perfect. Thanks for allowing us to be apart of your family.
    Stefanie W.

  3. has it seriously been a year?!? My gosh it seems like yesterday you were at my house escaping the ongoing random "fire alarms" that were going off at your apt. so your baby could sleep! You such a good mama...and he is the cutest little thing!!! Who knows maybe I'll go into labor today and they'll have the same bday!!! :-) cross your fingers!

  4. Happy Birthday William!! We sure wish we could make it to your birthday party on Saturday! Hugs and Kisses!


    Erin and Parker

  5. Happy Birthday to your adorable little man. It is amazing how fast kids grow.

    I made your chile recipe the other night and it was so good... thank you for sharing.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can't believe it's been a year! He is an adorable lion ;)

  7. Ok. I don't mean to be the stalker blogger who never commments, but how did you wean William. I am trying to wean my son Reddin who will turn a year on the 7th! I am really having a hard time. Any tips?

    Stacy Merrill (Hook)

  8. Oh, Stacy. I feel your pain. I actually wouldn't have weaned William this early except for leaving him for almost a week to go on vacation. I love nursing and I had planned on breastfeeding until 14 months but it just didn't work out that way. My only tips are to do it gradually. Up until a month ago, I was nursing him around 4 - 5 times a day so I started to give him milk in a sippy cup (he wouldn't take a bottle) and brought the nursing to once in the morning and once at night. Within a week or two, I moved to once a day (either in the morning or at night) and then after a week or two I stopped completely. Hope that helps! I didn't have a lot of engorgement but did have a clogged duct once so I let William suck it out, which was a mistake because then he was really upset when I unlatched him. It is hard sometimes and I miss it but I'll nurse again and get to cuddle with other babies.

  9. Thanks for the tips Liz! Reddin is such a stubborn little guy. He seems to push away everything (sippy, bottle, pacifier) when it's time to nurse. But then again, I haven't been very consistent in offering them. I will give it another shot. I'm so glad I nursed him for a year but am ready to be done after getting mastitis and clogged ducts in the this past month! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Mr. Will


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