November 1, 2010

halloweenie roast 2010

Our Halloween weekend started off with a "Halloweenie" roast with our friends Kyle, Jamie and Boston. We love these friends and always have a great time with them.
as you can imagine, he was filthy.

could this sunset be prettier?
David picked the best spot for a bonfire. We were thinking we would go to the beach but two little boys + fire + sand + the ocean = disaster. So, we luckily found this perfect little set up along the bay side where we could enjoy the most spectacular sunset.
Boston (a.k.a. "Bossie") and Will (a.k.a. "Weel") are little buddies which makes life fun and interesting. They usually play pretty well together even though William is still pretty much a baby but now that he's walking, Boston has become very taken with him. They play together for a minute and then Bossie hugs Will.
And then he pushes him but that's the way things go when you're almost two years old. Boston facial expression kills me. So funny. I would be a more protective mama bear but I know he won't really hurt Will + Jamie is a great mom and always watches out for William too.
And then when she sees that I'm taking pictures for my blog she says, "Take a picture of this! People will be so jealous!" I love her.
our boy loves footballs and daddy.
hot dogs roasting on an open fire. feels like halloween!

can't believe we live here.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous site. on my to-do list: have a beach bonfire someday...even better, with you!

  2. it really was so pretty, and the boys managed to find the perfect spot! too bad we didn't get a picture of the beer brawl!! We love you guys too!


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