November 3, 2010

way up in the blue

Last night we made sugar cookies for Willy's friends (a.k.a. my friends' kids) at play group today. David frosted while I decorated. It was a pretty sweet assembly line and I'm grateful he helped me because I made a gagillion cookies. I have this thing about sugar cookies. They are so delicious when they are soft and have creamy frosting on top but they are awful when they are crispy with royal icing frosting. Sadly, the latter makes the prettiest cookies. I'm all about the taste so I prefer this recipe for the cookie (the orange zest is what kills) and a smattering of cream cheese/buttercream frosting.
far from perfect but they taste delightful!
William's birthday party this weekend is just going to be family since our little apartment is, well, little. I am really excited for this party and I may have gone a little overboard but it's my first baby's birthday and I think I'm entitled to a little craziness at this point in my life.
Also, it's our 4th anniversary today! To commemorate, here's a gem from the first entry in my journal about David:

September 26, 2004
I am dating a boy. His name is David Bryant and I really like him a lot. He's absolutely awesome in a ton of great ways. I just love his personality and motivation and kindness and even temper and friendly, charasmatic personality. I love his desire to be good and how he works hard at whatever he does. I love that he brings out a side of me that I like. I love that I care so much about impressing him every day. I love that he comes with me to class just so we can spend time together. Needless to say, I find myself crushing on him more and more each day.

I'm so glad I married this man and I love him more and more each day.


  1. the cookies look amazing. Meggy is sick, so we are staying in, but we send great brithday wishes for Will. And, Happy Anniversary! The best is yet to come.

  2. thank goodness for memorable and fun to read back on. and the picture of the cookies is really tempting. makes me want a frosted sugar cookie.


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