February 8, 2010

as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be

My baby started sleeping a solid 8 hours about a month ago (I know it won't last but right now it's awesome) yet last night I woke up at 2 am in a panic.
"Earthquake!" I thought.

Nope. You see, last week after David left for work William and I were snuggling when the bed started to shake. It wasn't very long but my first thought was, "Save the baby." I remembered all the earthquake advice and in a split second, got ready to make a run for the door frame. But the shaking stopped and William slept on like nothing had happened. In his mind, nothing had happened. He was safely wrapped in his mom's arms while she stroked his face and kissed the chubby hand that was gently resting on her neck. I couldn't help but think about how horrible it would have been if that earthquake was worse. What the Haitian mothers must have felt just a few weeks ago as their world came crashing down. My heart aches for them.
It's amazing how much changes when you become a mother. I have never felt such love. When I woke up this morning I went into the baby's room just to make sure he was OK (I'm still in that stage). I watched him sleep for a minute and then laid on the guest bed next to his crib. I thought about what I would do for this little person - the answer: anything. I thought about how my prayers always include a plea that William will be safe and healthy. I thought about my own mother and her selfless example. I thought about the conversation I had with her the other day about motherhood and this love. As the mother of eleven children, she said, "With the first baby you think you can never feel the love for another child - but you do. Your love doesn't divide. It multiplies." I thought about what she must have felt when my sister died of cancer. I thought of her comment that she "would have suffered that pain for her". I thought about what my mother must have felt seeing Christian with burns all over his body and I thought about this post and what I felt when I saw her comfort him.
Being a mother is amazing, hard and wonderful.


  1. beautifully put.
    a love of a mother is like no other.
    anything is right.
    I would do anything for my two boys.
    And your mom was right.
    Your love will multiply, never divide.

  2. So sweet and well said. Your lil Willam is a doll. Being a mother is such a blessing in so many ways. Thanks for posting this :)

  3. That was beautifully put Liz. My mom always told me the same thing-Love doesn't divide it multiplies. You have such a great mom, and you are just like her. I am so honored to say that I am related to you both.

    I can't wait to see you this weekend! :)

  4. I love this post Liz. I know exactly what you mean about a mother's love. My own mother was much like your mom... maybe it is hereditary... she always knew the right thing to do or say. She taught me that taking care of my family is by far the most important work and probably the hardest work and definitely the most rewarding. She was right! BTW- I used to watch my children sleep too!

  5. wow i love this post. being a mother for the first time is just like that. the love is so overwhelming... like nothing else.
    and i felt the same way as your mother said about having my second. i really thought i may not love her as much as the first. but i did as your mother said as well and it was wonderful.

    really really love this post.

  6. You brought tears to my eyes. Great post!

  7. I am happy to see I am not the only Mother that gushes and fights for the words to explain her love of her babe. I appreciate your Mothers quote of "your love does not divide it multiplies". I am always wondering how could I ever love another child as much as Zealand and of the fear of not. I'm sure just like after Zealand was born it will amaze me at how my love can grow.
    Your boy is so sweet. So darling and growing so quickly!

  8. Perfectly put. It is all of the above.

    Totally random, but reading this totally brought me back to the early morning wake up from the smoke alarm going off in T Hall...smoke bomb. Waking you up for that was fun.:) Oh how I miss you.


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