February 11, 2010

killing time

David had a meeting in Orange County today so the babe and I tagged along. We went to lunch at C'est si Bon (any O.C.ers out there been to this delicious place in Newport - you should).

Then we went to the park, laid in a blanket and watched the curious squirrels in this perfect weather.

When David finishes his meeting we're having dinner with my brother who just took a job here.

I love that I was able to do this.

Location:Junipero Dr,Costa Mesa,United States


  1. Oh so fun. I was just in Costa Mesa very early this morning. Sorry it's so cold here!

  2. Liz, he is looking more and more like you!! I can't wait to see you guys in two days!

  3. He is getting cuter and cuter every day! What a fun little mommy/son date! :)


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