February 2, 2010

three happy things

a pretty table set for dinner (broccoli potato soup, buttermilk biscuits and salad with balsamic vinaigrette),

a new mirror purchased from home goods for half the price (oh little tiny scratch - I love you),

and certainly most important (and most adorable),


  1. bah, how do you get him to smile at the camera? the moment my kids see a camera it's, "oh, fun, a camera, let me reach for that and look all interested."

    he's way cute, btw. :)

  2. Oh! Look at his little tiny cheeks getting some chubs on them! He really is so adorable.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, your little guy is so adorable. I'm glad things are so wonderful for you and your family. Motherhood is great isn't it??!!!

  4. You are so classy! I love your style! And I want that mirror! So cute! I miss you! I am doing more hair today but I will call you later to catch up!

  5. Oh my, he is so cute!!!


  6. I've read your blog for a while now-your little guy is so adorable!
    I love love love your wall color in your living room. We're trying to paint our kitchen, and I want something just like that! What color is it?


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