January 18, 2010

in the moment

my preferred cuddling spot is on the couch.while david's is on his blue chair.it doesn't really matter as long as we both get to hold our squishy, snuggly, softy baby. I will miss this stage when it's gone so I'm really trying to savor it - even when that means I leave the laundry in the washer so long that I have to start over again because it mildews.

don't pretend you've never done that.


  1. My 'baby' is 5 and I still do that, sometimes.

  2. I did that before and I don't even have a baby!

  3. doing it today. I could have done thrown it in the dryer last night, but I tend to go on strike on Sundays and opted for a catnap instead.

    little guy is presh.

  4. he's adorable.

    i'm totally laughing at your washer/mildew comment.

    yep. guilty as charged!! more times than i can count!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has done that!!! I feel so much better about myself now!!

  6. Never regret it. It's worth it!

  7. done it also with no baby underfoot! i love reading of your love for your little one ... so precious.


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