January 17, 2010

pick-a-little talk-a-little

as you may recall, the girls here in san diego are awesome. well, not all of them (I'm sure) but my friends are. it's especially fun because several of these girls are expecting (or just had) babies and most of them are boys! I love that william will have friends his age at church and at play group. I've said it before but having good girl friends to chat with on a thursday night over chocolate cream pie and sugar cookies is heaven sent.
and yes, I'm nursing in that picture. classy is my middle name.


  1. That was so much fun and I was so happy that you stayed late to chat! It was so fun getting to know you! Now I just need to pick your brain about all this great healthy eating you know about...help me please! :) So happy your sweet family moved to sunny San Diego!

  2. wish I could have been there...ugh. I was at a wedding in utah. looks like you guys all had fun. love the little one that has her hand on Jessica's tummy. haha too cute!

  3. I'm just curious what ward/stake you are in?
    I miss San Diego like crazy, but when we come to visit my family I would love to see your adorable family.

  4. Hey Michael! We're in the Linda Vista 1st ward in the San Diego North stake. I'd love to see you when you come to town!!!


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