January 19, 2010

back in the kitchen again

remember how I used to post recipes on my food blog? well, now that I've started cooking again (go me!) I've put a few new delicious meals up there like:
don't kid yourself though. these recipes are super easy. hello! I'm a mother of a 2 month old - like I have time to be gourmet. that's the great thing about these meals. they look and taste gourmet but they're super easy.
and because of the ca-razy rain here I also have declared this week "soup week" so I'll be posting all those recipes next week. today started with an oldie but a goodie: chicken & dumplings.
check it out here.


  1. you should make creme du barry! mmmm!

  2. Those recipes all look delicious!! I am going to try making one of those next week!

  3. I saw the pork chop recipe today, and I immediately said, "I'm making that for lunch!". (Actually, it looked so yummy, I wanted to make it for breakfast.)

    But in my haste, I read "apple cider vinegar," instead of just apple cider.

    Let's just say the results were...ummmm...not so yummy. My husband was a little confused by the first taste.

    LOL! This one will go down as one of my greatest fails. I can't wait to try it again, but with the correct ingredients.


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