February 11, 2018


A quick back story about this post. We've been in our house for almost three years and other than my dear next door neighbor and a couple of other acquaintances, I hadn't made very many friends in our neighborhood. Our area is going through a transition. The community was built in the mid-1970s and the real estate market here is insane so a lot of families like ours are moving into the area because of the great schools and location, knowing that a fixer upper is an option that you just kind of have to accept if you want to buy a house in this market. We feel so grateful to have been able to buy a house at all! We bought our house from the original owner and there isn't a single thing that doesn't need some work, but we have a beautiful yard, potential in the house, wonderful schools and now - wonderful friends.

Our neighborhood also has a community pool, with a great swim team and swimming coaches. This last summer, I was at swimming lessons with my kids early one morning and sat next to another mom with a brand-new baby. Her kids were in my kids' swimming class and we started talking. Immediately, I knew I had to be friends with Ashley. We had a lot in common and she was friendly, smart and fun.

I got myself invited to her house one night for some other lady friends in the neighborhood. I went over to her house on that summer evening and snuck in late onto her back patio, lit up with candles and a beautiful spread on the table with a group of other women surrounding it. I know this sounds silly but it was so exciting to me, an extrovert who had been dying for some friends, to meet several other women who have varying interests, life experiences and beliefs in my own neighborhood.

From then on, these women have become my tribe. They help with my kids when I'm sick, do last-minute school pick up for me when an appointment runs long, give thoughtful, compassionate advice, stop by for a spontaneous, afternoon hang and, of course, plenty of weekend dates. I have always needed strong female relationships in my life and these open-minded, talented, brilliant women filled a part of my soul that was empty.
OK, enough cheesiness (and I guess that wasn't exactly "quick"), but you come here for cheese, right? Anyway, Ashley is the party queen. She's always planning fun activities and parties and inviting huge groups of people to her house. In December, she and her husband hosted a dinner party for the couples and it was so fun. I looked around the table at my friends and their spouses and felt so grateful to have finally found a tribe that made me feel like I truly belong here.

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  1. I am 35 and have finally found my tribe for the first time in my life. These friendships make the biggest difference in your quality of life!


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