February 12, 2018


Christmas was a dream. About three weeks before Christmas, I was talking to a waitress who told me that she was from Seattle and had never had a White Christmas before. So when the rumors started going around that the weather reports showed a good chance of snow on Christmas Eve, I tried to take a chill pill and not get my hopes up.
Well, on Christmas Eve the snow started to come down. We had cozied up by the fire in our new Christmas jammies, after filling our bellies with the Bryant traditional Mexican foods of sopa fideo, cheese enchiladas and beans. I ran outside when I saw that the snow as coming down and I almost started crying. It was just so magical.
Also, William REALLY loves Charlie. He's the best dog, ever.
After opening gifts and having our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Æbleskiver, we put on our warmest gear and spent a good amount of the morning in the snow. We're pretty lucky to have a really fabulous sledding hill in our backyard so we took our sled and had a blast sledding in all the fresh powder.
Lulu mostly rotated between naughty and nice faces while she made snowballs and threw them at my face. She also enjoyed making snow angels and being adorable. Three is such a fun age!
For Christmas dinner, I made Herb Crusted Prime Rib with Horseradish Cream, Garlic Sautéed Green Beans, Pear + Parsnip Gratin and Ginger Lemon Molasses Cake with Whipped Vanilla Cream. It was a delicious feast!


  1. You do such a fabulous job!

    1. Thank you. I try. :)

      BTW, do you watch "This Is Us" cause now I'm crying thinking of Jack's "I try" comment. ;(

  2. Long time reader and recipe maker and rare commenter...
    Seattle is one of my favorite places in the world and I love that you go out and see so many beautiful places!
    This year my father in law came to our house in SoCal from Whidbey and we all watched the snow come down on the ferry cam thinking we should have gone north instead of having him come south.

  3. PS - Dinner looks AMAZING! How did you make the cranberry name cards?

    1. Hi Ali! Haha! Oh man, as much as I LOVE SoCal, I would be sad to miss the snow we had. Hope you had a good holiday!

      I used a tutorial from Say Yes! They were really easy to make. :) Thanks for commenting!


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