February 5, 2018

thanksgiving 2017

I know it's February but I really want to post about Thanksgiving. I've been terrible about blogging lately, and I don't beat myself up about it too much, but when it comes to the big stuff I would like to document it even though months have gone by. For Thanksgiving this year, David's parents and eldest sister came to our house for the holiday. We did all the traditional things like eat great food, the kids were loving all the quality time with their grandparents and aunt, and we talked and spent time together... annnnd, I was terrible about taking photos. Blerg. :(
While they were here, my father-in-law found out he has kidney cancer. Of course, we are very sad about this news and love him very much. Because of this news, they decided to leave early and see his doctors right away. Right before they left for the airport, I quickly grabbed my camera and we got some pictures of him and grandma with the kids. I'm so glad to have these photos that, I think, really depict the love my kids have for their grandparents (and vice versa). I love that I was able to get one of each of them individually too. 
Cancer sucks. I know David's family really appreciates any good thoughts, love or prayers you would like to send their way. My friend, whose mother was just diagnosed with cancer, said, "The thing we all want - and indeed need - is to know we’re not alone. I’m determined to be better at letting people know that I see them and I hear them and I care about them." I aspire to be better at this too. 


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