March 13, 2017

snow day

We've had quite a few snow days this year, which is somewhat unusual for the Seattle area! On one of the first snows we had, we drove up to the mountains on a Saturday where there was the most snow. We brought a sled, hot cocoa in a thermos and some sandwiches.
We found a secluded spot by a closed bridge and walked down to the river and used the sled a few times before we walked over to the frozen river and threw snowballs on it to watch them break apart. Hearing the giggles of my children, watching David pull them fast on the sled, snuggling with Lulu before she fell asleep were those moments when I stopped in the sunlight and closed my eyes to really feel present in the moment.
I love this family of mine. We love the Pacific Northwest too. I hope we never leave.

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