March 15, 2017

new phase on the horizon

I've been thinking a lot about how I'm entering a new phase of life. I really don't have a baby anymore (contrary to what Louisa believes - "I'n a baby! Not big gwirw!") That's a hard realization but it's also exciting. I'm excited for what lies ahead with science projects, playing games, talking about deeper topics, laughing at crushes. Life is short and I've never been more sure of how I want to appreciate each day. Louisa has one more year at home before I'm going to put her in preschool a couple of days a week. I hope to relish this time.

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone that never made it to Instagram that I want to document. Just random tidbits of the growing up of my children the last few months.
He can still fall asleep anywhere and still sucks his thumb.
She loves having tea parties with her animals. She fills the teapot up with water from the bathroom sink and spills it everywhere so I designated this towel as her "tea party" towel. It works.
Swinging is still her favorite. She was especially cold this day and I had to wrap her up in a fuzzy blanket I had from the car while she swung. I love her little face.
On one of our best snow days, Fritz marveled at how beautiful our yard was covered in a blanket of white. This was right before we all geared up in our snow clothes and headed down the trail to the big hill. Fritz was the only one brave enough to do it! He really got going!
The Seattle Zoo has a great carousel that the kids loved riding on. Those are some happy faces right there!
This is a quintessential childhood picture of my kids. Fritz in jammies. Lulu in her tutu and crown with her fingertips covered in black olives. What a great life.
I was walking down our stairs the other day to put in a load of laundry and almost stepped on this booby trap the boys had made from watching Home Alone too many times. Haha! Let's hope they don't try the hot door handle trick.

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