March 9, 2017

adventure to the sun

We took a trip down south a couple of weeks ago and after spending 60 hours in the car, I finally feel ready to talk about it. :) We had a few snags in the trip, and I really didn't take very many pictures, but please indulge me.
prettiest camellias in Sacramento
On Friday we packed up and headed to Sacramento, where David's sister lives. We drove through the night and arrived early Saturday morning. The kids played around in their backyard and we enjoyed some beautiful California weather while I picked a camellia and marveled at its beauty. Did you know that Sacramento is amazing? More on that later... One of our first stops as soon as we arrived in California... In-N-Out. Duh.
Anyway, after a few hours of sleep for David (since he had driven all night long), we headed down to San Diego. We met up with our friends for dinner that night and it was so great to see them. I miss my San Diego families! It was fun to see how much their kids have grown and watch them interact with my kids. 

We checked into our hotel and that was one of the highlights of the trip for the kids. They thought it was so fun to stay in a hotel. I secretly love it too. The next morning, David met up with some old co-workers for lunch while the kids and I headed to the pool. It was still February so it wasn't busy and the pool was slightly cold, so we mostly stayed in the hot tub. Will did swim a little in the big pool (which reminded me that he really needs lessons) and I swam some laps (which reminded me that I should exercise more). Louisa was exhausted and fell asleep all wrapped up in a towel. She looked so sweet and beautiful. I love this little girl. 
That night, we met up with our friends again at Moonlight Beach with pizza from Urbn. It was so fun to chat some more and put my toes in the sand and breathe the salty air. Sometimes I really miss California. 
Then we packed up the car again and headed over the mountains to El Centro to stay with David's family for a couple of days. The kids had lots of fun making crafts, flying Star Wars kites, watching the turtles (particularly Lulu) and William and my MIL put together "Sweetie's Sweets Shop", which was a closet in the kitchen that they converted into a shop complete with all kinds of candy that you could buy for a penny. William was the employee and they had a lot of fun.

After a few days there, we drove to Arizona to see my family. We ate our weight in AZ citrus and just enjoyed talking to our families. It was really nice to just talk to everyone and be a part of the gathering. The day before we left, David went in my parents' backyard with the boys. We were planning on going on a date that night since my parents said they'd babysit (WOO HOO!). I was inside talking to my sister and brother-in-law. William came inside and said very timidly, "Um, my dad got hurt." No one heard him so he said it again a little more loudly, "My dad got hurt!" My brother-in-law heard him say it that time, so he went outside to find David trying to drag himself across the lawn into the house from the trampoline. Apparently the kids had asked him to jump with them and the middle of the trampoline must have had a small rip, because he fell right through and caught his ankle on the way down. Within a couple of minutes, his ankle had swelled up to the size of one of the many grapefruit we had been devouring. 
We immediately immersed it in a bucket of ice water but once we saw how badly bruised and swollen it was, our date night to get tacos turned into a date night at Urgent Care to get an X-ray. It wasn't broken but he has a really bad sprain. Poor David was in a lot of pain, and he still has trouble walking on it. Hopefully he'll be able to recover quickly and fully. This experience has made me appreciate more fully how involved David is in keeping our home and family together (I do recognize it often but this magnified his hard work). I don't know how I'd handle everything if I didn't have him as my partner. 

We had dinner with my family before we left town and my sister-in-law snagged this picture right before we got back in the car (hence the pajamas on Will and Fritz). I can't believe these boys are this old! Seems like yesterday this picture was taken. William and the twins, Hank and George, are only ten days apart. The years have flown by. They're all as cute as ever!
The next day was our drive home and since we'd be in the car for 30 hours, we wanted David to be able to elevate his leg as much as possible so he didn't get a clot. I ended up driving for a good chunk of the trip but once I got too sleepy, we had to switch. We stopped in Sacramento one more day with David's sister and she gave us a tour of Sacramento and I love it there! If we could afford a Fab 40 house, I could love to live there!

I know. This is a travel log, but it's still something I want to remember. It's nice to be home but we enjoyed our ten days in the sun!

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  1. Great to see you guys! I just clicked through to look at the 4 babies! That is so crazy! And now I want some of that Urbn pizza. Looks so good.


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