December 12, 2009

little wonders

my exceptional photog brother (a.k.a. beck's pops) took these pictures of the newest Nielson boys/cousins/grandsons.
aren't they sweet little cherubs? beck, william, hank and george.
I particularly love this picture of william's popeye face. classic.

then he took this shot of the boys and their moms. it's hard to get four infant boys to look at a camera but at least the moms are smiling (doesn't sarah looks amazing after giving birth to twins?)


  1. Beck is a big boy!!! I love his tee-shirt, and William looks big compared to the little twins! You look great!

  2. You all look amazing! Congratulations to each of you.

  3. Beck looks ginormous compared to William and the twins! And you all look amazing for just having babies!!! I miss you!

  4. that is adorable! I especially love william's pirate face. too cute!

  5. that older baby looks like a giant compared to the others. How cute! They grow so fast.


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