March 29, 2016

easter 2016

Easter was a little nutso this year. I think the kids had fun and it was a nice day but I feel so burned out from all the cooking and the cleaning! The weekends are too short! More fun, less work! Amiright?
I made lemon buttermilk pancakes with buttermilk syrup, strawberries and bacon for breakfast while the kids found their baskets. We started a family tradition a few months ago where I make a big breakfast and we talk about a certain topic. Sometimes the topics derail into conversations about ninjas, Legos, kid jokes and fighting but we hope that our kids are internalizing some of the conversations about kindness, the earth, confidence, equality, etc. 
Our Easter egg hunt was at Fox Hollow Farm, the most charming farm and manor house in Issaquah Valley. I was "ooo"ing and "ahhhh"ing as we went along. It was so peaceful, even filled with people. This is basically my dream house and the grounds are insane - a charming barn filled with baby spring animals, lush gardens filled with thousands of tulips, enormous lilies and hydrangeas, free-roaming peacocks, a rushing river with a fire pit and enormous deck. In the late spring and summer, it has the feel of a country fair with old-fashioned family activities (including horseback riding) and food - kettle corn, homemade pie, ice cream, shave ice, cotton candy, lemonade, etc. We can't wait to go back this summer!
This is their Farmer's Market "Country Store" that's open to sell the farm's local organic crops. Fritz is thrilled, per usual. Will didn't want to wear his rain coat.
 Let the egg hunt begin!
If you couldn't tell, I was obsessed with taking pictures of this girl. She was so excited!
What even is this face? Haha!
Then it started hailing (oh, Seattle) and we headed home where I made a delicious dinner of Reisling Apricot Glazed Ham, Broccoli Gruyere Gratin, Parsley + Dill Small Potatoes, Lion House Rolls and Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting.
Happy Easter!


  1. Looks so amazing!! What a fun mom (and amazing chef!) you are! But I laughed at the first lines of your post because that is EXACTLY how I felt! We had family in town for the holiday (with multiple overnight stays/arrival times/departures) and it was just crazy all weekend, added to which I had to get up super early Saturday to fit in my last long run before my race next weekend...I was so exhausted! By Sunday night I just wanted one single solitary day to catch up and get ready for the next week (my kids were on spring break the previous week and 4 of them got sick...yikes!). Mama just needs a vacation...

  2. When do you have time?! This sounds amazing. Your Easter sounds lovely and I am sure you are one tired Mama.

  3. You are amazing. What a gorgeous weekend you put together. The little bunnies on top of the cake and the hand lettered name tags!
    And are those camellias in your yard!? They are heavenly!

  4. also, hope this is not a stupid question but I make your buttermilk pancakes frequently... how do make them lemon? Lemon extract?

    1. I just added the zest of 2 lemons. Super easy! :)


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