March 23, 2016

lessons from the rain

Things I've learned since moving to the Pacific Northwest:

- your kids demand to play at the park even when it's wet (and you buy this shammy to wipe off the swings at a moment's notice).
- you grill on the barbeque in the pouring rain partially covered by the patio and a rain jacket.
- you start wearing fleeces and Birkenstock's to school pick-up even though you swore you'd never be that person.
- you jog (in theory) outside even when it's raining/drizzling/misting/pouring.

- you wash your car in the rain because there's moss growing on the top.

- you learn to get creative when the power goes out with every storm.

- you frequent indoor play gyms and museums from November - March.
- you learn the difference between water proof and water resistant.

- you never use your umbrella.
- you eat lots of delicious Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian food, miss Mexican food a lot and comfort yourself by making tacos constantly.

- you entertain yourself with Snapchat filters when it's pouring outside.

- you REALLY appreciate the sun.
- you realize that your dream of living in the PNW since you were 16 years old is even better in reality than you imagined. I just wish I could move everyone I love here.

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