October 19, 2015

growing up: louisa at 16 months

Louisa is almost 16 months and is at maximum cuteness level, lately. This child is SO much fun! Not that she doesn't cry or have epic meltdowns when she's tired, but generally speaking, she is fun from sun up to sun down. She has recently become my little running buddy. I have been running on the Burke Gilman trail lately and, I like to give her a break about halfway through by taking her to one of the many parks along the way. The problem is that she NEVER wants to get out of the swings, like ever. It is her happiest place on earth! I probably won't ever have to take her to Disneyland. She loves it that much.
She recently is really into doing somersaults. I don't know where she gets this stuff but it's pretty cute. One day, she just started doing them. It's kind of like when she started blowing bubbles in the bath water one day. I never taught her how, she just does it. She needs a little push sometimes to get all the way over but it's adorable.
She is still a teeny little thing but has been eating like a champ lately, so fingers crossed that she gains some el-bees! Some other things about Louisa Ada lately:
WORDS: dada, dah (dog), zy (Zyak, our neighbor's dog), mama, neigh, tayyy ooh (thank you)

TEETH: she still only has the four top and the two bottom. It's been that way for several months and, while I'm not anxious for her to be teething again, I am curious about which teeth are coming in next!


FAVORITE BOOK: I just got the Halloween books out and she wants me to read Halloween Bugs all the live long day!

FAVORITE FOOD: Tillamook whole Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs and butter (can you tell I've been trying to fatten her up?)

LOVES: her kitty, playing peek-a-boo, giving high-fives, being "silly scared", riding her push tricycle down the street to get the mail, dogs, watching her brothers play. We love her so much!!!


  1. Thanks for posting the photos of sweet Louisa.....since I am so far away and miss her so. It takes some of the pain of separation away when I can see pictures of her and the boys. It is even better yet when I see my grandchildren with mom and dad all together! Love you all soooo much.


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