October 16, 2015

house tour: master bathroom

Ok, brace yourselves. Here comes our master bathroom tour and it's not pretty... but hopefully not for long. Until this week, we didn't use this bathroom for anything except to store our laundry baskets. We've all been sharing the hall bathroom because there's a leak in the master bathroom shower that we have yet to repair. It was all working fine but I was ready to have a bathroom separate from my kids. I cleaned out the drawers and vanity and moved all our toiletries into our master bath. Even though we still can't shower in here, it's nice to not worry about the kids getting into my hair products and make-up.

Currently, the floor situation is this awful peel-and-stick laminate. I would love to replace it with some hex or octagon tile. It's not a big room (only about 13' x 7') and some of that is taken by the vanity.
Like I mentioned earlier, the shower is unusable right now because of a leak. We learned about it during the inspection but have yet to get it repaired. We don't think it'll be a huge fix (famous last words) but fingers crossed that it's true! I'm using this picture as my inspiration. I want to do white subway tile all the way up the wall with a glass enclosure like this. I'm not sure about the way they did the tile but it's kind of interesting. I am more of a classic kind of girl though.
The current shower size is tiny (4' x 7') and David's 6'4" self can't even fit in there comfortably without banging elbows while washing up. There's no room to expand past the exterior wall but we're toying with some other ideas that might eat into our other bathroom, which is a lot larger. More on that later, if we decide to go that route.
The toilet is really old and crummy and I'd like to replace it with something more water/energy efficient (and preferably that doesn't require that I hold it down for 15 seconds after every flush). Nothing much more exciting about a toilet though.
The sink itself isn't that bad. It's Kohler and it's a pretty classic shape. I can totally live with it. I would like to replace the fixture though, if I can find something reasonably priced. It's not horrible but it's just really blah.
The current vanity has this cheesy Formica counter top. I'm hoping I can find a slab remnant for a beautiful replacement. It would be really great to find a marble or quartz piece but we'll see what we can find. I'm not against the cheaper white Corian option from Home Depot (it's something like $30/linear foot, installed). It's nothing exciting but it might be just fine if I can't find something inexpensive.
The vanity is pretty hilarious. It's the same cabinets and hardware that are in the kitchen (and other bathroom upstairs). The hardware is so 1970s and I am itching to get those off and replace them with something pretty! Even though it's an eyesore right now, I think a fresh coat of paint and new "jewelry" will be help it look great. Not needing to rip out the whole vanity will help us save some money.
Another "blah" feature is the vanity light. Again, it's not the worst out there (and the appearance would greatly improve with nicer bulbs) but I'd love to find something around $100 to update it.
All of my source ideas are below but if anyone has some great ideas for any of this stuff, please share in the comments! My friend, Lindsay, has already given me a bunch of great resources that she used when they built their gorgeous house. Sidenote: I met Lindsay through my blog/Instagram and now we're friends in real life. I love the internet.
As far as storage goes, there is a good size closet that has shelving and the vanity has tons of storage, as well. That's one thing that I can't complain about. I want to just give the closet a fresh coat of paint and that's it. I organized it the other day (the hall bathroom has another closet the same size) and we haven't filled either.
So, here's the long list of to-dos:

- Skim coat walls
- Prime and paint walls (trying to find a "match" for BM Green Tint that is in our bedroom)
- Paint vanity
- New vanity hardware (this OR this)
- Replace counter top
- New sink fixture (this)
- Replace vanity light (this OR this)
- Repair or replace toilet
- Repair leak in shower
- Rip out shower and tile
- Glass enclosure
- Replace closet door and bathroom door (this)
- Bath rugs (this)
- Toilet paper holder
- Towel rack
- Hand towel holder
- Replace light fixture (this OR this)
- Lay tile on floors (this OR this at a higher price)


  1. Hi Liz ~ do you read the Better After blog? People send in their DIY before and afters. You can get lots of tips on there and inspiration. :)


  2. Fun to see your plans! We were able to find remnant pieces for our bathroom countertops when we built our home. Pricing was less than formica and they turned out beautiful! Home Depot has a great variety of vanity lights and overstock has great options on faucets. Good luck...fun stuff you are getting to do! You are adventurous to want a clear shower. Have you lived with one? I know for me, it would be way too much maintenance :)


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