August 5, 2015

bluewater days 2015: quads + cousins

By Monday afternoon, lots of the cousins had arrived (though all of them were the "older" cousins). William and Fritz were thrilled to catch some tadpoles in Bullfrog Pond with Jane and Mary. William named his "Slippery Fish" and wanted to bring it home with him, until cousin Charlotte squished it between her chubby hands in an overzealous display of affection. Haha!
David and I took the boys into town on the quads to go get an ice cream cone from the only store within 20 miles. Bluewater Village is a tiny little place and many of the buildings are old and run-down. This one used to be the village grocery store, run by my great-great aunt. There's something kind of beautiful about old, run-down buildings.
We all love the American flag that Christian and Stephanie painted on the back of the barn. It looks great and the barn will always have a special place in my heart, since that's where David proposed to me...
Next to the barn, live four chickens in the chicken coop. I have this thing with birds and really don't like to get close to them, but these chickens looked so sweet (these two are "Alice" and "Molly") and Will captured one of their eggs and carefully kept it safe so he could eat it for breakfast. He was fascinated as I cracked it open in the pan, and we all marveled at the bright orange yolk contrasted next to the yellow"ish" yolk from the store-bought egg.
These boys are the cutest!
Fritz and his cousin, Charlotte. They are just two days apart in age, and are as cute as can be. Everyone got a lot of entertainment this week out of these two. They met for the first time at the ranch a couple of years ago. It's fun to look back at that first picture and see how they've grown.


  1. What a interesting blog you have! By the way, I didn' t know that we still have the Ranch. Is it being rented out to other family members?

  2. WOW.... it sure is beautiful there.


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