August 6, 2015

bluewater days 2015: family photos

I had my nephew, Brett, take some pictures of our family out on the ranch. My kids were all in a mood, but at least we're all in them! We had the pictures taken in front of some of my favorite spots at the ranch: the flag painted on the barn and then some in front of the old Bluewater fire truck that was retired from the village. I love me some David in a cowboy hat... Ow ow!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures my loves! So American!! 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

  2. Gorgeous family! And love your shirt! Where's it from?

  3. I love looking at you and Stephanie's Bluewater pics. It's so beautiful there.

    Your family pics are cute ~ love your hair. :)


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