August 7, 2015

bluewater days 2015: let's go fly a kite

The next day at the ranch was windy and overcast. It was perfect weather! The boys went out to fly kites with their cousins while some of us lounged around on the swings and front lawn to watch. It was entertaining and the weather was cool and fresh. There's nothing like the smell of wet dirt and juniper trees. Mmmm, I can smell it now!
I caught some great action shots of Fritz's emotions while trying to fly the kite. Haha! Lots of epic facial expressions coming up!
First, someone handed him the kite and he was determined. Until it fell to the ground. Bummer.
But, then he decided to try again and it started to go up!
Meanwhile, I captured some pictures of Louisa blowing in the wind and wrestling on a blanket with David. These two - they melt me.
And, I can't forget my sweet niece, Margot. I sure love her and her wild, wind-blown hair!

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  1. Hi Lizzy -
    Love the pics of your vacation. Seems like you guys had a great time.
    Totally random question... Have you used a spiralizer in any of your cooking? If so, do you have a recipe to share?



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