August 10, 2015

bluewater days 2015: snakes + peaches

The last few days at the ranch were full of fun, but as we anticipated our departure within the next day or two, we felt really bummed about having to leave. The whole week went by wayyyy too fast! The boys had a grand time climbing on the tractors and riding quads. I think this picture of Fritz's face kind of says it all!
We also took a hike in the canyon to the creek and went swimming. Well, I didn't swim but the kids did. It was a fun time, except for that one time when my nephew stepped on a snake in the grass and everyone started screaming and then my brother killed it. The ranch is a wild place sometimes.
All the kids piled in the back of the ranch truck for a bumpy ride down to the canyon from the ranch house. David and I took the boys with us on a quad but William begged to go in the truck on the way back. He was so happy to be with his cousins and then Fritz fell asleep in my arms on the quad, driving back. It's hard work keeping up with the big kids!
David helping Fritz cross the creek
There were a few more snakes killed that week and my brother caught this shot of Leone holding a recently departed rattlesnake. I love this picture of her. She's a beauty and I love her friendship and presence in my family!
Here are a few miscellaneous shots that I had to include. I made some peach cobbler with the 50 peaches that my mom bought. Which brings me to a funny story. My mom had put the huge box of peaches on the bottom shelf of the kitchen island to ripen. One day, Charlotte (3 years old) climbed down there while we were making lunch but no one really thought anything of it. We figured she was just playing. Later that afternoon, I was searching for something on the bottom shelf and saw that 15 peaches had one little bit mark out of each one. Turns out Charlotte was testing them for ripeness. Haha! Anyway, it inspired me to peel them and make them into a cobbler. Obviously, with fresh peach cobbler, one must have freshly whipped cream to go on top. I gave Fritz and Margot each a beater and let them enjoy the left overs. They declared it "delicious!"
My sweet bunny Loulou. She loved the ranch just as much as any of us!
I spent some QT with these two on a quad ride. They are good friends and I love them both.

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