August 3, 2015

bluewater days 2015: driving to the ranch

I have a TON load of pictures to share from our last week at the ranch so forgive me for a whole week's worth of photos from our epic adventure. Since we are trying to save our pennies for all of the house projects we have to do, we decided to drive to New Mexico from Seattle. Yep. You read that right. We are a little crazy. Maybe it's because I was prepared for the worst, but it actually ended up not being so bad.
David had the genius idea for us to drive through the night. At first, I was super worried about that plan but it was perfect for traveling with three small kids. Poor David had to drive almost the entire way because as soon as it gets dark on the road, I'm like, "Zzzzz". Anyway, we stopped in Hermiston, Oregon for dinner and let the kids play at a park we found for an hour or so to get them tired out. It was such a cool park! Lots of beautiful, green grass, a huge play structure with different "rooms", and a splash pad that we had all to ourselves. The boys had a great time and then we put on their pajamas and they slept all the way to Provo. Louisa was really good too so it was pretty non-eventful.
We arrived in Provo early Saturday morning and went straight to Christian and Stephanie's house to try to get some sleep. The kids loved the little preview of all the upcoming cousin time and spent the whole day loving playing with their cousins. Meanwhile, I met up with my best friend from college for lunch. It was so great seeing Michelle (she'll always be "Mitch" to me) and I am still dreaming about the watermelon cucumber feta salad I had. Also, let's not talk about how I look like a Martha Stewart look-alike in this picture.
We went to dinner at Sundance that evening with Christian and Stephanie. It was delicious and beautiful and all-around dreamy. Every time we go to Sundance, I'm reminded of how much I love it there. Utah is a pretty beautiful place. It's not as green and lush as Seattle but the mountains are just breathtaking!
Early Sunday morning, we got back in the car and drove the 9 hours to the ranch. When we arrived that afternoon, we were greeted by my parents, a vegetable soup from the garden and the most amazing sky and stunningly green pastures. The ranch has had a ton of rain this year and it showed! Lots of fun followed but I'll blog about that tomorrow...


  1. such pretty pictures! fun getting to hang out with you this weekend! -ash

  2. I love road trips. We go on a few every year and the one I enjoy the most is driving from Oklahoma to Arizona to visit my wife's family. Although driving through New Mexico is more than a little tedious. I swear it takes 54,873 hours to get through that humongous state! The kids constantly ask "Are we out of New Mexico, yet?" LOL.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group


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