July 30, 2015

greatest of places

We've been at the ranch this week for Bluewater Days! We have been anticipating this week for over a year! We didn't get to go to the ranch last year while my parents were on their mission and we all missed it. When my parents sent out the itinerary for the week's activities (creek hike, star gazing, fireworks show, campfire on the hill, talent show and barn dance + I have my fingers crossed for some epic thunderstorms) I felt giddy. I love spending time with my family at one of our favorite places on earth!
I was prepping the boys for the upcoming good times at the ranch (Fritz especially doesn't have any memories) and we were looking at some videos of the talent show a few years ago. It was cracking me up. Then I was looking at old pictures of years past at the ranch and it made me miss baby Fritz so much! Just look at that chubby mug! Hopefully I'll have lots more great pictures and memories from this year to share with you next week.

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