May 25, 2015

weekend haps

This weekend David took the boys camping at Cascade Park for our church's Fathers and Sons camp out. They were very excited! They packed up their little packs and wore them around the house for at least an hour while David loaded up the camping gear into the car. Fritz wasn't ashamed to show his excitement but William, well, he's "too big" now and can't be bothered to smile for a picture. Haha! Not sure what this face is but he totally looks like a teenager.
David said it was really beautiful and the boys did great. They loved throwing rocks into the river, roasting marshmallows and playing with the other kids. I went to Target with Louisa and then folded laundry while I watched The Mindy Project. Super exciting night for mama, but it was actually nice to have a quiet house!
Sunday we had dinner with the family and celebrated Beck's 6th birthday! All he wanted for his birthday was to have a sleepover with his cousins so that's what he got! He also got to choose his meal which was Korean Beef, bread sticks and caramel cheesecake. Haha! Quick the combination! I offered to make the cheesecake and used this recipe. He was a happy boy! We weren't originally planning on Fritz spending the night but when we told him it was time to go, he was devastated. Leone is a nice aunt and said he could stay. Oh boy! I really hope it wasn't too bad! (and P.S. he's just in his chonies in this picture cause his clothes got soaked from playing in the water table outside. That's my Fritz!)

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  1. Wow - your kids are getting SO big! They are adorable.
    "The Busy Brunette"


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