May 27, 2015

life lately

Man, summer in Seattle is soooooooooooo dreamy. I see why people love living here. It's technically not summer yet but it sure feels like it! We've had such a beautiful, mild winter and we feel really spoiled that this was our first experience with the supposed "rainy, gloomy, gray Pacific Northwest" and then to have this amazing summer to look forward to? Major jazz hands over here.
We met David at the park last week for a week day picnic during his lunch break. It was heavenly. I found myself just basking in the sunshine and everything was incredibly joyful. I'm not usually a sunshine kind of girl but I sure love it here! I've decided it's because it's not hot. After our picnic, the boys wanted to see the ducks in the pond. They had some leftover chips from their lunch that they wanted to feed them. I explained that chips aren't good for ducks, but they were unconvinced. When we arrived at the ducks, there was a sweet Russian lady who was feeding them with her little bag of duck food. She gave each of the boys a handful and told them to throw it to the ducks. There were a couple of duck families living in this pond and they had little baby ducklings. They were so cute! The lady told me that she lived across the street and she has been going to the duck pond three times a day for seven weeks to feed them since there isn't anything for them to eat in the pond (it's actually just a water feature that's full of chlorine). It's a very sweet thing to do, but I didn't know how to say to her that the ducks would probably move on to "greener pastures" if she stopped feeding them...
Check out this picture of Lou. It's an awful shot of me - all sweaty and gross after the gym - but I had to share this picture because it's my favorite of that little face! Gah! I love her.
Oh Fritz. He will sleep anywhere if he's tired enough. Lately he's been crashing on the couch on afternoons that I can't get him to nap in his bed. Face covered in chocolate and sitting upright too.


  1. "Major jazz hands" hahaha i loved that comment! And Louisa is a little bunny, so cute!

  2. Liz ~ you look beautiful with no makeup.


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