May 19, 2015

vancouver: day two

In David's and my opinion, the best thing that Vancouver has to offer is Stanley Park. That's not to say that it's the only thing that's great about Vancouver, but it was our favorite. We both remarked that we thought it would be great to live by the park with a view of the water and have all that the park has to offer in our front yard. We spent almost all of Saturday at the park and it was not time wasted. The kids had so much fun and I ended up tracking almost 12,000 steps on my vivofit that day (and that's even with all the sitting we did on the car ride home).
The boys were troopers and Louisa even did really well for having to sit in her stroller most of the time. While the boys searched the driftwood and rocks for a good pirate hide-out, Louisa and I strolled along the jogging path and I enjoyed the beautiful day. Seriously, being outside in perfect weather brings me so much joy!
William spotted this little gazebo and I had to pry him away from it after a while. He wanted to stay there all day at his "cafe" as he called it. Then he continued to talk about it for a good part of the afternoon. I love that he loves using his imagination.
I love these kids!
Our last stop at the park was the totem poles that many people recommended. I wasn't sure what to expect but they were really cool! I didn't realize how unique these are and it was definitely something I'm glad we didn't miss. This is also Fritz's best impression of the totem pole behind him.
Louisa finally fell asleep in her stroller just as we were heading back to the car (isn't that how it always happens?) so we stopped to watch a cricket game on the lawn for a bit. Boy, was it a beautiful day! I loved taking these memory snapshots (and literal snapshots) of David and the boys together. I hope that they will love seeing pictures of time spent with their dad who loves them so much.

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