February 19, 2015

a taste of spring

It's "Mid-Winter Break" here so the kids have the whole week off of school. The other day, we took a picnic to the park with the cousins and it was gorgeous! My sister-in-law and I are in agreement that we love how great the sun feels after some cloudy days (but I can honestly say that I don't mind those cloudy days!). It sure did feel great to have some sun on our backs though as we walked around the lake. The boys were enthralled by this boy "fishing", even though he just kept reeling in kelp. Ha! In any case, they couldn't take their eyes off him.
The trees around town are starting to get the most welcome little buds on them and we have been spending more and more time outside as the days are getting longer. It's so wonderful to be welcoming in Spring, even though I realize that it's probably still a little ways off. And dear baby Lou, I love you!

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