February 17, 2015

mercer, mugs, masala

We had such a nice weekend. On Saturday, we drove around Mercer Island and stopped at a beach park and enjoyed the weather (it has been sunny and beautiful!). I've been driving around with the sunroof open and it is heavenly. Not a bad place to run around and love on baby Lou!
This picture of William on the dock is all blown out, but I just love it. David took this shot and somehow he captured a "true William laugh". That scrunched nose and open mouth - classic!
Then, we headed over to the city to go to Taste of India. We had a Groupon we needed to use and we hadn't been there since 2009 when we first visited Seattle when I was pregnant with William! We got SO much food and ate it for three meals after that! Yum! We're a curry family.
William has several friends from school and neighbors who are from India so we had a lot of fun talking about Indian food and what it's like there. There was an Indian landscape mural on the wall of the restaurant and we imagined what it was like there (the smells, the colors, the language) while we waited for our table. Of course, I don't really know what I'm talking about since I've never been there, but I would love to go someday!


  1. You guys make the most beautiful kids. You should make a million :) Love you!


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