October 22, 2014

seattle eats

The rainy days have begun here in Seattle and I admit that I am loving it. Ask me how I'm feeling about it in February, but there's such a lovely coziness that comes with the rain and I love rain boots, jackets and scarves. The green everywhere doesn't hurt either! We also love to eat, so here is a post about that. :)
We have been wanting to try out a few of Seattle's best restaurants and had heard about Paseo, so on Saturday we headed to Fremont to get their Paseo press. It was epic. Probably the best sandwich I've ever had. We took it to Woodland Park and let the kids run around the zoo entrance while I fed Loulou. On the way home we stopped at Molly Moon's for some of their unique flavored homemade ice cream. I really liked the salted caramel and melted chocolate but it wasn't David's thing. The place is so cute too! So far, we're having a great time in this beautiful place! P.S. I'm going to try to be better at blogging (life is kicking me in the pants lately) because I don't want to forget these great memories we are creating in our new home, so here's to that!

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