October 23, 2014

house tour: the boy's room

In every house we've lived in, I've liked to take pictures and do a house tour. Maybe it's interesting to you and maybe it's not (don't we all secretly love to sneak a peak of other people's homes?) I love decorating my home and I think it's so fun to look back and remember our lives there. It's also entertaining to look at what I thought was cute at the time and how I did things on the budget I had. My house certainly isn't fancy, but it's home!
We won't be living in this house very long. It's a great little set up in a nice neighborhood, but we rented it mostly because it is a short lease and we are trying to find a house to buy. The timing was perfect for us. Since we left San Diego, the boys haven't been very settled. All their things were packed away and we were feeling pretty unsettled. I wanted to get their room set up as soon as we moved to Seattle, so I made that a priority. We had some old headboards that my mom was going to throw away so we sprayed them gray. The boys have been pretty good about making their beds every day (I've been really impressed with William's ability!). So far, so good!


  1. It may be temporary, but is is a very nice room!
    Good of you, Wiliam, your bed looks neat (=

  2. It looks great! It's nice when you can float beds. So much easier to make. Can't wait to peek in your other rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this! So cute! I especially love their initials on the wall and the cute seagull print. where did you get them?


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